Van Holten's Pickles: Une délicieuse tradition américaine

Van Holten's Pickles: A Delicious American Tradition

Pickles are a popular food in many cultures around the world, but none can compete with Van Holten's American pickle tradition. For more than 100 years, Van Holten's has been synonymous with quality, taste and innovation in the world of pickles. Find out why these unique pickles have become a true icon of American culture.

The story of Van Holten's Pickles

The history of Van Holten's Pickles dates back to 1898, when the Van Holten family began growing cucumbers in Wisconsin, USA. They quickly realized that their cucumbers were ideal for making crunchy and flavorful pickles. Thus, the Van Holten's brand was born.

The secret of unique taste

The key to Van Holten's success is their secret brine recipe. This special combination of spices and vinegar gives their pickles an unmistakable taste. Whether you like sweet, spicy or even sour pickles, Van Holten's offers a variety of flavors to satisfy every palate.

Innovation and diversity

In addition to their classic pickles, Van Holten's is also known for their innovation. They were the first to introduce single-serve pickles, making them convenient to take anywhere. They also launched products such as Peanut Butter Pickles and Lemonade Pickles, surprising yet delicious combinations.

A healthy snack

Van Holten's Pickles aren't just delicious, they're healthy too. They are low in calories, rich in vitamins and contain probiotics that are beneficial for digestion. Whether you add them to a sandwich, eat them on their own, or use them as a garnish, Van Holten's pickles are a nutritious and tasty choice.


Van Holten's Pickles is more than just a pickle brand. It's an American tradition, a symbol of quality and taste. Their secret recipe, constant innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction make Van Holten's the number one choice for pickle lovers. So the next time you crave a crunchy, tasty snack, consider Van Holten's.

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