L'histoire croustillante des chips Bret's

Dive into the Crispy history of Bret's chips

Bret's chips, a true institution in the world of snacks. Who would have thought that a simple piece of potato could become one of the most beloved treats of all time? Let's go back to the roots of this delicious story to discover how Bret's chips conquered our taste buds.

Bret's debut

It all started in the 1980s, when two friends who were passionate about cooking, Jean-Claude Rinaldi and Guy Petit, decided to embark on the adventure of making chips. Inspired by their love for authentic flavors and the irresistible crunch of chips, they founded Bret's in 1985.

Artisanal know-how

From the beginning, Bret's has focused on quality and authenticity. Unlike many big brands, Bret's crisps are made artisanally, using high quality French potatoes and natural ingredients. Each potato is carefully selected and thinly sliced ​​to obtain that characteristic crispy texture.

The Rise of Bret's Success

With their commitment to quality and dedication to satisfying consumers' taste buds, Bret's chips quickly gained popularity. Their range of innovative flavors, from classics like sea salt to more daring creations like barbecue, have captured the hearts of snack lovers around the world.

A company anchored in its values

Despite their success, Bret's has remained true to its core values. The brand is committed to supporting local agriculture by using French potatoes and working closely with local producers. Additionally, Bret's places a high emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility, working to reduce its carbon footprint throughout its manufacturing process.

The crispy future of Bret's chips

Today, Bret's has become a must for aperitifs, picnics and moments of conviviality with friends and family. With their unparalleled crispness and deliciously addictive flavors, Bret's chips continue to delight palates around the world.


The story of Bret's chips is one of a passion for authentic flavors and a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Since their humble beginnings in the '80s, Bret's chips have captured the hearts of snack lovers everywhere, and their future looks as crisp as ever.

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