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What are the most famous French sweets?

France is famous for its gastronomy, and that also includes its delicious sweets. If you are a sweet lover, discover the most famous and appreciated French sweets around the world.

1. The Carambars

Carambars are emblematic candies of French confectionery. They are known for their caramel flavor and their famous joke printed on each package. These candies have been enjoyed by children and adults for many generations.

2. The Dragibus

Dragibus are small, colorful and fruity candies. These sweets in the shape of small sugared almonds are very popular in France. They are popular for their different flavors and bright colors.

3. The Chamonix

Chamonix are marshmallow candies coated in chocolate. They are very popular for their soft texture and delicate taste. These candies are a real delight for chocolate and marshmallow lovers.

4. The Michokos

Michoko are caramel and chocolate candies. They are recognizable by their square shape and their golden packaging. These candies are very popular in France and are often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.

5. Tagada Strawberries

Tagada Strawberries are strawberry-shaped candies covered in sugar. They are soft, tender and have a deliciously sweet taste. These candies are very popular with children and candy lovers.


French sweets have a special place in the hearts of sweet lovers around the world. Whether you prefer Carambars, Dragibus, Chamonix, Michoko or Strawberries Tagada, there is a French candy for all tastes. Don’t hesitate to try them during your next visit to France or order them online for a unique taste experience.

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