Comment ouvrir une bouteille de Ramune ?

How to open a bottle of Ramune?

If you've never tried Ramune before, you might wonder how to open a bottle of Ramune. In this article, we will show you step by step how to open a bottle of Ramune hassle-free.

What is a ramune?

Ramune, an iconic Japanese sparkling drink, is often pronounced "la-moo-nay" in Japan. Its name derives from the English "lemonade", borrowed and adapted to the Japanese language. According to tradition, it was presented by the Scottish pharmacist Alexander Cameron Sim during his stay in Kobe in 1884.

This beverage is packaged in bottles with slender necks, and contains an intriguing feature: a marble inside. This characteristic may raise the question: why this marble? In reality, it serves as a stopper for the bottle, and its mechanism is activated by the pressure of the sparkling water which holds it in place.

The original flavor of Ramune evokes a refreshing marriage of lemon and lime, appreciated for its unique character. However, over time, new flavors have emerged. Fruity flavors such as strawberry, lychee, lemon and blueberry have enriched the market.

Steps on how to open a bottle of Ramune:

  1. Remove the plastic film covering the bottle cap. You can use the small plastic ring provided to make this step easier.
  2. Press firmly on the plug to dislodge it slightly from its original location.
  3. While holding the cork down, use your other hand to put pressure on the glass ball at the top of the bottle.
  4. The pressure exerted on the glass ball will create an opening, allowing gas to escape from the bottle.
  5. When you hear a small decompression sound, release the pressure on the glass ball.
  6. The cap is now ready to be removed. Hold the cap firmly and gently pull it while rotating it.
  7. Once the cap is removed, you can drink your Ramune and enjoy this delicious Japanese drink! Now you know how to open a bottle of Ramune.

If you need a visual on how to open a bottle of Ramune, here is a video that may help you: How to open a bottle of Ramune?

Now that you know how to open a bottle of Ramune, it's time to enjoy this refreshing drink and enjoy its unique taste. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the different flavors of Ramune available on La Perle Sucrée: Ramune Drink La Perle Sucrée

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