Comment les bonbons ont été inventés?

How was candy invented?

Candies are delicious treats that were invented a long time ago. Their history dates back to ancient times, where the first sweets were created.

In the beginning, sweets were mainly made from honey and fruits. The Egyptians were known for their use of honey in making sweets. They mixed honey with dried fruits and nuts to create sweet pieces.

Over time, sweets evolved and spread to different cultures around the world. The Romans, for example, also used honey as the main ingredient for their sweets, but they also added sugar.

Modern candy making

Today, candy making has become an industry in its own right. Candies are produced using different techniques and ingredients.

Sugar is one of the most commonly used base ingredients in candy making. It is mixed with other ingredients such as corn syrup, flavorings and food coloring to create a variety of candies with different flavors and colors.

The candies are made by melting the sweet mixture and then pouring it into molds to form different shapes. Some candies are also coated in sugar or chocolate to add an extra layer of sweetness.

Candy in popular culture

Candy has become an integral part of popular culture. They are often associated with times of fun and celebration, such as Halloween, birthday parties, and holidays.

Many films, books and songs have also been inspired by candy. Who can forget the famous story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, which depicts a world filled with candy and chocolate?

In conclusion, candy has a long history and has evolved over time into the delicious treats we know today. Whether to satisfy a sweet tooth or to celebrate a special occasion, candy continues to delight the taste buds of young and old.

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