Boisson Faygo : Histoire et saveurs


Faygo drink is a popular brand of soda in the United States, especially in the Midwest region. Founded in 1907 in Detroit, Michigan, by the Feigenson brothers, Faygo achieved rapid success thanks to its range of unique flavors and innovative marketing. Today, Faygo is available nationwide and offers a variety of refreshing drinks.

Faygo flavors

The Faygo brand is known for its wide variety of soda flavors. Some of the most popular flavors include:

  • Redpop: a creamy red cherry soda
  • Moon Mist: a sparkling drink with a mixed fruit flavor
  • Rock & Rye: a creamy vanilla and cherry soda
  • Cotton Candy: a cotton candy soda

In addition to these flavors, Faygo also offers diet drinks, flavored waters and energy drinks.

Faygo's story

The Feigenson brothers began selling their drink Faygo on the streets of Detroit in 1907. They originally offered just three flavors: strawberry, grape and passion fruit. However, their product line quickly expanded, offering unique flavors like Redpop and Rock & Rye.

The Feigenson brothers also innovated in their marketing. They used radio to promote their product as early as the 1920s and were one of the first companies to use TV commercials in the 1950s. Today Faygo is still a family business and is one of the few producers independent soda companies in the United States.


Faygo drink is an iconic soda brand in the United States, known for its unique flavors and innovative marketing. Since its founding in 1907 in Detroit, Faygo has established itself as a benchmark in the soft drink industry and continues to offer new flavors to satisfy the palates of all soda lovers.

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